Tuesday, March 20, 2012




  This week we are reading How My Family Lives in America by Susan Kuklin.  This story is part of a cultural unit in our reading series.  At one of my centers students are learning how to use chopsticks.  I have a printout that shows a diagram of how to hold the sticks and the steps in using them successfully.  Students are practicing by picking up left over candy hearts from our candy converstation activities in February.   Then they have to fill out a graphic organizer comparing and contrasting chopsticks and forks.  On the back they are writing the steps of how to use chopsticks. 

Mikayla and Gracee


You can snag your copy of the step-by-step chart by clicking on this link to Family Education.   If you would like your own copy of my graphic organizer and writing page click here.  



  1. Melissa I've just awarded you with The Lovely Blog Award!! Head on over to see for yourself :)

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  2. Having a personalized chopsticks is awesome. Getting personalized chopsticks for a special meal or dinner party can take your table display over the top and let your guests know you did some extra planning.

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