Thursday, June 23, 2011

Give me the Finger!

Hey friends! I am planning to use a teamwork theme for my third graders this year!! I have lots of little projects going on and through my head as I plan to create a stimulating and organized classroom. I have these wonderful foam fingers that I am planning on hanging over my student tables (groups of desks). I usually have 6 groups of 4 (or some with 5 depending on how many students I end up with!). I can't wait to hang these adorable fingers. They are going to add so much color to my room. I know I am going to put big numbers on each one (1-6) but I am not sure what else I would like to do. After spending so much time painting them (it took a couple of coats), I want to get them just right! Any suggestions???


  1. Very cute idea. I found some adorable sports themed grosgrain ribbon at Michaels Craft Store. You could hang each finger from a ribbon. I tied the ribbon around my lunch wagon.

    Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library

  2. Thanks, Kelley! I am a frequent visitor of Michael's!! I will definitely check out the ribbon!

  3. Thanks for following along and joining the giveaway!! I haven't decided on my theme yet. I'm waiting for summer to really start so I can get to chillaxin and put some thought into it. I'm so excited about the addition of so many 3rd grade blogs!! I put you on my sqworl list. It is on my right sidebar. Click on 3rd grade to see the line up of 3rd grade blogs!
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher


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