Sunday, March 3, 2013

St. Patty's Day QR Code Freebie

Don't you love using technology in your classroom?  I love finding any excuse to get technology in the hands of my students.  
Have you ever tried to use QR Codes in your classroom?  They are a great tool and so easy to make. 

First, you need to go to a site that generates the QR code for you.  Try this one:

Follow the easy directions to create and download your own unique codes.  The best part- it is free!
Then, you will need to have a QR Reader loaded on your devices.  These are also free! 
In no time at all you, too, can be making your own QR Codes.  In the mean time, why not grab my free St. Patty's Day Riddles QR Code Cards and let your kids have a hand at using them.  Click on the picture below to download.  Please leave me a vote in exchange!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


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