Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I do! We do! You do!: Goal Setting

Goal setting has become a big part of my classroom life this year. As an instructional coach, I had a professional development session that focused on using MAP to differentiate in the classroom. I included goal setting with MAP scores as an added element to this training. This year, in my third grade classroom, we are setting goals with our MAP scores in Reading and Math. This is actually a school-wide activity.
I have truly enjoyed the conversations I have had with my students as we work together to set realistic goals for them for the Winter round of MAP testing.

Take a look at one of my sessions. If you want to try your hand at goal setting, grab a copy of my MAP goal setting document. This one is different from the one my school uses. I have made a generic one so that everyone can use it! Enjoy!!


  1. Where can I find that goal setting document? I would love to use it!

  2. could you please send me a copy of the one you use in word.


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