Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I day down, 186 to go and a WINNER!!

Hey blogtastic friends! I had a terrific first day back with my tremendous thirdies! They truly are a great bunch!! I am quite exhausted after a full day and a trip to the ballpark for the ALS Awards banquet to celebrate a great walk in June. Now I am ready to crawl into bed- but alas, I remembered that I have a promise to keep to all you faithful followers. So here it goes! The winner of the Graphics Factory Membership is..... comment number 46- Debbie! Congratulations to Debbie! Her first day back to school with kids is not until September 6th. Debbie, I hope you can enjoy a little time fiddling around on the Graphics Factory website before then. Please email me with the following info so I can get you registered:
your email
a user name
a password (you will be able to change this after you logon the first time)
your address


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